Thursday, June 14, 2012


I took my laptop with me to Salzburg. A friend of mine sees it as a sign of addiction – that I couldn't live without writing for three days.

Now, it's confession time. Did I write? Yes.

But only in the evenings while the kids slept and my husband read. Most of the time, we were busy being tourists.

Is it bad that I wrote while on vacation? When you have small children, it's not like there's much opportunity for a night on the town. And honestly, I probably wouldn't have done that anyway. I've always been a homebody.

So what were my alternatives? Would it have been better if I would have watched TV? Nothing was on - isn't it always that way?

I could have read, but my husband was glued to my Kindle.

Romance? Uhhh – remember those two kids I mentioned? They slept in the bed with me. My husband got the couch. Romance was out.

And besides all that, I had so many ideas! The four hour ride down was ideal for plotting out new scenes and chewing on some changes I'd been considering in my current work.

They say the first step out of addiction is admitting you have a problem. So was this entire blog entry just one big case of denial?

My answer is a careless shrug.

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  1. It's called living your passion! (maybe a little bit addicition and probably a sprinkle of least in my case).

    And everyday's a workday, everyday's a holiday is what I always say. SO you can absolutely write while on vacation. I read the rules. it's allowed.