Thursday, January 24, 2013

Star Wars...An Education

Really, they should belong to any modern western cultural study.  The Star Wars movies.  When a friend of mine who shall remain nameless admitted she hadn't seen even ONE of the six movies in its entirety, I offered to tutor her.

We started lessons with a picture book my five-year-old owns.  Who are the bad guys...who are the good.  Once the theory was covered, we jumped into Episode I (we're working chronologically, as requested by my pupil).

The most important rule (and a departure from watching with previous fans): she was allowed, even encouraged, to ask questions.  What is the function of the Jedi?  Who is the father/mother of whom?  We use the pause button a lot.  

The second most important thing was that I had to accept her affection for Jar Jar.  No making fun or groaning allowed.  Gritting teeth, but managing.

This is a several week project, but when we finished Episode II, a funny thing happened.  My friend asked if we could start the third movie right away, instead of waiting for the following week.  I had her hooked!  And whenever she was confused, she grabbed the Star Wars Illustrated Encyclopedia, leafed through the pages and finally nodded.

Tonight we start A New Hope.  It's been a heck of a two days, so some space opera is just what I need right now.   I can already hear the theme in my mind...

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