Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Hopefully Heart Attackless Time Management & Weight Loss Plan

Mothers always have 500 million things to do. I wrote this blog at the end of July 2012, but forgot to post it. It's still relevant...even though it isn't summer anymore.    :-)

500 million things to do? Take Friday.

Got kids ready for school and self ready for work. Brought daughter to meet the kids who walk to school with her. Drove son to Kindergarten. On to work (hundreds of things to do in itself!) - including unplanned overtime. Rushed home. Prepared dish to pass, picnic supplies, extra clothes and rain gear. Picked up kids and drove to the School End Party. Helped set up and dished out food for kids. Played with son because he had no friends there. Mingled. Made nice with the teacher. Took six kids berry, cucumber and tomato picking. Protected bunnies and goats from overzealous first graders. Cleaned up, packed up and hauled everyone home. Unpacked. Prepared and ate dinner, then straightened up the kitchen. Brought kids to bed. After a bit of cuddle time with hubby, fell asleep while watching TV on the couch.

A fellow writer asked me how I manage to work and be a mother of two small kids and still write. Well, on Friday, I didn't have enough brainpower left to write. But often, I do.

So here's my secret. Besides a certain obsession with my stories, I'm incredibly time conscious. I work up to the last possible second, then literally run to my car or next appointment. I get more done that way.

As an added benefit, together with the healthier eating I've been doing, I've lost about thirteen pounds during the last two years. Sometimes, I even park extra far from my goal so my little run is a tiny bit longer.

What I'm not sure about is the stress. My husband says I'm heading for a heart attack.

So far, it seems like positive stress to I sincerely hope my husband's wrong. Life is good the way it is, and I'm happy to run between family, writing and work. 

There's zero room for a heart attack though.

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