Monday, February 11, 2013

I Love...Sleep

If you're looking for my Kissing Scene, please click here.

This post is about something that is not a kiss, but is just as wonderful.

I have slept through the night four times in a row now.

Not a big deal?  When you have a five-year-old who is afraid of everything, it is.

A checklist hangs outside his room.  We mark it off every night.

How many mummies are in the house?  None.

How many Grinches? None.

How many Muddy Hands? None. (By the way, thanks Jeff Kinney).  

I could go on....

But this blog is about something I love.  Sleep.

Life is different when you sleep all night.  Brighter, but in a good way - not in that "the top layer is burning off my eyes" way.  

With beauty rest, I feel smarter. That's good for work.  Good for my writing. And good for not freaking out at every little catastrophe the kids send my way because I'm just so tired.

So how did we manage to get him to sleep through? 
* knocking on wood as I write this challenge to fate which will lead to several brutal wakings tonight FOR SURE *

We tried a million things: cuddling more, reading more, explaining that mummies can't really walk.  One of the last was the checklist.  So I can't put my finger on what actually worked.    
Maybe, despite all our hard work, he just grew out of it.  Or (cringe) maybe it's not over yet.

Sigh.  Please - someone tell me it's not the last one.  Because I love sleep.  In fact, I think I'll head to bed right now.  Good night, all.

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