Saturday, June 15, 2013

Anyone Have An Answer?

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"Mama! Quick question before I go to sleep: where did the universe come from?"

My son is the King of Questions. 

So I thought I'd beg for the wisdom of the masses: how would you respond to the myriad of things he wants to know? 

One hint: he's six years old. Age-appropriate answers would be wonderful.

Where did the universe come from? How big is it?

What size is the biggest battery ever?

How tall is God?

Was the Big Bang made by a huge gun?

What is a bowl of mush?

How can I be the Boss of the World? (Said he wants to prevent dictators in various countries from hurting people.)

Can we buy a Holy Guacamole?
(No assistance needed on this one. He means an avocado, and the answer is always yes).

So, do you have a brilliant answer for any of his questions? Or do you have a fun, cute, amazing question a child asked you? I'd love to hear it.

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