Thursday, July 25, 2013

He Called Me a Nerd

A couple days ago, I opened Twitter to find this:

In case you can't tell, this tweet was meant as a compliment and that's absolutely the way I take it.

What might make me a nerd? Maybe blog posts like this:

Or tweets like this:

Or bookshelves like this: 

So call me a dork, but being included in @CopernicusNerd's tweet was lightyears better than being asked to sit with the cool kids at lunch.

Cue uncertainty.... 

Despite being flattered, I worry the others will find out the truth. I'm not really as nerdcool as they are.

I love science fiction and write about aliens, but I'm going to come clean and let the cards fall as they may. Here are the sad, sad facts:
  • I'm an absolute failure at computer games.
  • I've never gotten into comic books.
  • I just barely played D&D, and that was *gulp* decades ago.
  • And although I'd kill to get my picture taken with Chewbacca, I've never been to ComicCon. 
There you have it. I'm a nerd wannabe. At most, a nerd apprentice. 

Does anyone else feel that way? Like you're always trying to be as athletic/musical/creative/nerdy/smart/tough as your friends?

Anyway, @CopernicusNerd, thank you for including me. Despite my unworthiness, I aspire to be as amazingly nerdy as the rest of you someday.

Now, does anyone want to watch Firefly with me? Um...yeah, again


  1. aww I love this post! And if I didn't know better I'd think that was a picture of my book shelf! Seriously, scarily similar!

    That said, there are many things that define anerd and you only listed a fraction of them. The truth is you are a nerd if you say you are and you own it. I know I was a closet nerd for years, afraid of what people might think of my addiction to science fiction or space, and my incessant need to talk about the latest nerdy endeavor. I was so excited when shows like Big Bang Theory came around because it was finally something I could identify with, but I secretly told myself to not get so attached because it probably wouldn't last. Luckily it did, and people are embracing the nerdom. In fact, I'm not sure when it happened but suddenly it's cool to be a nerd. Go figure.

    Anyways point being, own who you are, don't be ashamed. Don't worry about what other people say you are or aren't. I've got news for you, until April of this year, I hadn't been to a con either, and I've been saying I'm a nerd for years! So enjoy the parts of you that are nerdy and don't sweat the rest. Be the best you, you can be :D Embrace your inner nerd and make it your outer nerd too!

    1. Thanks Jamie! Yes, Big Bang Theory! I love it too. I almost don't dare say it, but I suspect Sheldon is based on a relative of mine. Shh, don't tell anyone.

      You're right. It's cool to be a nerd. And I'm an outer nerd too. I don't even think about it until someone comments on the Superman T-shirt I wear to work or turns to me when there's a Star Wars question.