Thursday, October 17, 2013

Internet for Queriers

I don't usually blog about writing, but I've spent hoursdaysmonths researching for queries lately. There's so much information out there, but if you're new and need a starting point, here are a few amazing resources.

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The best source for information on how to submit is the agency's own website. But for additional information, try these links.

Where they do so much of your research for you. 

Forum with information on agents and publishers, from reputability to response times. 

Find agents in your genre, track your queries and see how long response times from agents tend to be. 

Find agents, genre and client lists and their contact information. 

Many agents have a page showing their background, contact information and clients. And if you pay for a subscription, you can check the Dealmakers section to see what sales an agent has reported. Not every agent reports all sales. 

Agent interviews

They make querying even more fun and exciting. Here are just a couple I've participated in.

Writing/Publishing/Querying information

I'm still working out how to use the tool without my time being sucked away, but it really draws you into the writing community. Following agents themselves helps you understand their likes and dislikes. Following other writers—published and not—can give you tips, let you find critique partners and make you feel less alone. Also search for #MSWL to find out specifically what themes agents are interested in.

Want to know about publishing? Querying? Critiquing? If a contest is right for you?

Not only is there information on agents, pitches and writing in general, but she went to the trouble of listing the upcoming contests.

Writing, critiques, you name it.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! What other websites have been helpful to you? 

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