Thursday, January 16, 2014

10 Million Dollar Shopping List

At dinner, I told my husband about Sylvia Day's eight figure advance on her latest book deal. After the obligatory counting of zeros—and figuring out that means at least 10 million dollars—my family set about pretending the money was ours.

My kids are six and nine, and don't have a good handle on costs. So the first question was whether we could afford a pool. 
image by freeforouk via Flickr
No problem. Once that was clear, my daughter asked about a house. 

After the house was okayed, my son tossed a forklift onto the shopping list, else are you going to get one?
image by ericmerrill via Flickr
So you can see their top priorities.

Then came the best part. My daughter cried, "And with the rest, you buy books!"
image by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr
Be still my beating heart. This precious girl understands me!

But it gets better.

My son said, "You should just buy a whole library!"
image by Martin Haesemeyer via Flickr
So, dear publishers, if you ever offer me a book contract, know that it would be a sound business move. I'd end up reinvesting much of your costs in your products anyway.

Okay, what about you? What's on your 10 million dollar shopping list?


  1. 1. Book. All of the books.
    2. I would buy my dad his dream car.
    3. My mother always wanted a pool in the garden!
    4. A house at the beach somewhere pretty for vacation times.

    10 million sounds great... carefree living, not having to worry about money. Where is that amazing book idea when you need it?!

    1. What? No forklift, Carolin? Otherwise, we're pretty close in shopping lists! Good luck with your millions!

  2. Haa!! Gotta love those kids! I think the first thing on my list would be a new house, then a trip to Germany to see you guys. While we are in Germany, I'd have a moving company move our stuff to the new place and organize it. Who knows after that, cars, fourwheelers, dirt bikes, boats, pool, maybe a couple horses.....

    1. When the kids heard your wishlist, they just about fell over. Especially that last sentence.

      And I have something to add: husband wants a jacuzzi. :-)