Friday, May 23, 2014

Quirks of northern Germany

I already posted about our wonderful time on vacation in the Baltic Sea and Röbel. Now for some random fun from northern Germany.

This was the view from my bed at the hotel in Röbel: a mother and baby horse! Could it get any more adorable?

You know those fancy golden or wrought iron signs that sometimes hang outside German shops? This shop sells heating and plumbing supplies, as clearly indicated.


This restaurant opens at 10:59 am daily. We did not test their punctuality.

Monkeys? In Germany? Yes! I knelt down, and this one slunk right over and lay next to me. Guess she felt comfortable in my presence. I refuse to analyze why.

Is it just me, or do windmills without rotors look kind of like Daleks?


All pictures by me or my family.

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