Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rostock and the Baltic Sea

Just after Easter, my family and I went on vacation. I'll post more about the other locations later. Today, I'll describe our day in Rostock and Warnemünde, on the Baltic Sea.

We drove to Warnemünde on the Baltic Sea and ran from the parking lot directly onto a boat for a harbour cruise to Rostock. Rostock is on the Warnow river that leads to the Baltic Sea. Four minutes later, the boat headed up river. After about an hour's cruise, we wandered downtown Rostock.

Downtown Rostock

I have a thing for libraries. Check out this one.

Rostock City Library
One of the churches, outside and in.

Two hours later, following lunch in a Chinese restaurant located in the dark basement of a building, the boat took us back toward the coast, to Warnemünde.

View of Warnemünde from the river

We strolled along the promenade. Some stores are in buildings, some in boats.

In one of the boats on the left, my son bought a tiny bottle of amber.
But where I most wanted to go was to the water! So I prodded the kids along until we got to the beach. We removed our shoes and rolled up our pants. The water was ice cold. Standing in ankle-deep water for 30 seconds was enough to make even my knees. But the sun and wind and water were lovely.

The Baltic Sea
The beach in Warnemünde, the Baltic Sea at our backs

 All pictures taken by me or my family.

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