Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Beautiful Town of Röbel / Müritz in Germany

Just after Easter, my family and I went on vacation in northern Germany. We loved it. No one wanted to come home. I already blogged about the Baltic Sea. Here are some pictures of the town we actually stayed in: Röbel, on the shore of Lake Müritz.

Röbel as seen from our paddleboat

The houses in Röbel are wonderfully restored. And the cobblestones! Check out this attention to detail. 

I'm the kind of person who dislikes clutterI'd feel right at home in a sci-fi world with unblemished glowing white surfaces devoid of any decoration. But I loved the buildings in Röbel. Every time I wandered past them, I felt the urge to scoop them up and take them home in my pocket!

Same red brick church as in the first picture, from the land side

Think this house was built in 1261?

Can you tell how much I love red brick buildings?

Red Brick Post Office!

All pictures by me or my family.


  1. Turns out, Röbel was founded in 1261, so that's not when the house was built. Thanks for the information, Mayken!

  2. How NICE! We visited Germany when I was 6, but I was far too young to process anything. We have pictures, but I don't remember most of it. It's so nice to see pictures like this.

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    2. Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie. Glad you liked it!