Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mom is Broken

image by Esther Simpson via Flickr
Despite the heat, she's curled in her bed with the covers over her head, close to wheezing from lack of oxygen.

It's all too much. Too many fights about homework and cleaning up toys and the importance of taking showers and brushing teeth. Too many meanest-mom-in-the-world comments. Too many worries about family members' health and happiness.

And the planning! The appointments with teachers, and driving to karate and swimming and English and inline skating and the gardening club. The trying to figure out if it's possible to get from the 3rd graders' end-of-the-year party in Hoefen back to Niederndorf in time for the After School Program's sleepover because EVERY CLUB THE KIDS ARE IN HAS TO HAVE A STUPID SUMMER PARTY THIS MONTH.

Which means she has to prepare for them. Two dozen muffins yesterday. Two dozen more today plus a pasta salad. To manage the Broccoli Balls by Friday after work, it'll be necessary to buy the ingredients today and prepare the dough on Thursday night.

But it'll work. As long as she plans it.

And that's not even considering the trials and tribulations of the day job or fighting to remain positive about the unpublished manuscripts on her desk. Because if she ever gets published, there'll be even more work and how in the hell is she going to handle that?


Push back the covers.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Mom's not really broken. It's just today, just that her batteries are dead and need a serious recharge. A little sleep, dancing to too-loud music in the kitchen, time to read and write. Then she'll be back to organizing and planning and making sure our little corner of the world runs smoothly.

Until then, thank goodness for Dad, who is not broken and is supporting the family with his charged batteries.

...I thought a lot before posting today. I don't want to come across as a downer. But I think a lot of mothers go through the same feelings in this busy world. Anyone else out there ever have days like this? What gets you recharged?


  1. My "broken" looks a little more explosive than this (LOL), but the idea is the same. Balancing…juggling…dropping…crashing…picking it back up. Also thankful for a husband/partner who will do whatever I ask…if I'd just ask!! Love your blog, dearie.

    1. Thanks, Tracey. I have my explosive moments too. That's a whole other can of worms ;-)

      But I agree. You can only balance so long before it comes crashing down. Sometimes you need a moment before you can pick it all back up.

  2. Now, look at me. I'm retired and I have sooo much to do that I don't even get a day off. Dad