Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Who Do I Want To Win?

The World Cup is going on right now, and since I'm an American living in Germany, people often ask who I want to win. So here goes.

(spoiler: it's complicated)

1. USA, my native country

image via Flickr from Mike Mozart


The US is good at a lot of things. So if we don't win at soccer, no big deal. Next is...

2. Germany, my home

image via Flickr from fdcomite


3. Brazil, because my husband is half-Brazilian, and his family is great. Also, since they're the hosts, I think it would be especially moving for them.

image via Flickr from Andre Maceira


4.I work for a sporting goods company. So next in line would be any team wearing my brand.

image via Flickr from Renato Gizzi


5. Last in line would be any place I've had a nice vacation, would love to visit or makes great food.

image via Flickr from Robyn Lee
Who do you want to win?


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Catherine! I forgot one! I like it when underdogs win. So I'd say underdogs are 4.5. :-)

  2. 1. Germany because it's my home and my native country
    2. USA because one of my best friends are from the USA ( guess who???) and of course they have Klinsi.
    3. Brasil because the very nice husband of one of my best friends is half brazilian.
    4. any adidas team because this is the company I work for and I met already a decade ago one of my best friends I have today .
    5. Of course the underdogs
    6. any team which didn't stop us in the last 2 WMs. Sorry Italy I like your food, but not your soccer team.
    7. the team with the hottest bodies :-)

    1. Love this! An even more complicated answer than mine . Decisions like this require a lot of thought, don't they? ;-)