Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ochsenfurt, August 2014

It's been so cold and cloudy lately, and it seems like everyone is sick. So, what do I need? A vacation! And since I can't have one, I thought I'd share some pictures from our last summer vacation.

During our camping trip, we made a day trip to Ochsenfurt, here in Germany. Fun fact: translated into English, Ochsenfurt is Oxford.

The town of Ochsenfurt was a short walk from our campground. We went over this bridge (ahhh, the evening sun...).

Ochsenfurt is on the far side of the bridge.

Main street is GORGEOUS!

On the main street, cars are only allowed to drive at walking speed. A radar detector is set up to remind drivers of how fast they're going. While I sipped my cappucino, the kids ran down the empty street, attempting to set records. The fastest they managed was 19 km/h.

Sorry. I only caught a 10 km/h on camera.

Ochsenfurt: oxen, oxen, everywhere. 

Have a headache? I know just the place.

Just your average pharmacy
After our mandatory ice cream stop, we were just in time for the glockenspiel.
The skeleton is having a drink

So, I've soaked up the August sun in my memory. Can't wait for spring and the next adventure!

All photos by me.

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