Monday, July 27, 2015

Beyond Google Glass - The World in 2025: Shopping

Welcome to my four-part series on how technology is changing within the next decade. Feel free to check out the other parts of the series too:
Part I - Wearables and Interactive Surfaces
Part III - Print Everything
Part IV - Robots and Artificial Intelligence

In Part I of my series on how the world will be changing within the next decade, I showed some examples of  future interactive surfaces. In terms of shopping, interactive, digital signage is only the beginning. Click the links to see videos or articles about these up-and-coming concepts.
Credit: Don McCollough via Flickr
Not sure if the couch you'd like to buy will fit in your living room? Use Ikea's augmented reality to check.

Rehabstudio's Adaptive Storefront recognizes your preferences based on your cell phone signal. It changes the store window as you walk by to show products and special offers you might be interested in.

Want to make a massive amount of data useful to your customers? Check out Track My Maccas, which uses augmented reality to allow Australian customers see where the ingredients for their personal McDonald's meal came from.

If you haven't felt like Big Brother is watching you yet, this might do the trick. Placemeter can watch a section of street, count the number of pedestrians and tell you which stores receive the most traffic.

In terms of ordering, one thing seems to be clear. We're becoming less and less patient about receiving deliveries. Everyone has heard of Amazon's drones, but drone delivery has also been tested by DHL in Germany and Domino's Pizza in the UK.

Next day delivery isn't quick enough for you? Ebay and Amazon are both looking into One Hour Delivery.

And how about making not delivering, but ordering faster? The Amazon Dash remote allows you to scan the products you want to order.

If scanning is too difficult, the Amazon Dash Button takes it one step further. One button for exactly one product. I can just imagine how fun this would be with a two year old in the house.

What do you think of these techy opportunities? Can you imagine yourself using any of them?

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