Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Flash Fiction - The Time Traveler's Bangle

image by Capture Queen via flickr, adapted by me

Janet Reid, literary agent extraordinaire, giver of excellent advice, and Queen of the Known Universe, hosted another of her flash fiction contests! I highly recommend watching her website for them. Flash fiction contests are a fun way to be creative and practice economy in writing. My story, which I wrote because I was sick on Saturday and couldn't concentrated on revising my current work in progress, made it to the group of nine finalists out of 104 entries!

Participants were allotted a maximum of 100 words to write a complete story. This time, the following words had to be used: 
 - bangle
 - fangle
 - dongle
 - ten
 - tears

Here's mine! Hope you enjoy!

"I love you," he'd said.
And I love him.

Who wouldn't want to marry a time traveler, to see the world and all the times?

But after ten near-death experiences, after tears of frustration at trying to make new-fangled technology work, I finger the bangle of my bracelet—the heart-shaped one linked to his time travel dongle. Take it off and his next trip will whisk him to 2134 or 1077, while I remain home in 1786.

Deep breath. Clink. The tiny heart hits the saucer. I'll stow it away forever, in some dark place, like my cowardly, real heart.


  1. I really enjoyed your FF. Good luck on the next one. (I'm an ex-pat living in Southwest France with my wife and daughter)

    Cheers Hank

    1. Thanks Hank! *waves toward France* Nice to meet a fellow expat!