Thursday, January 7, 2016

International Book Giving Day

image by Ben Newman
Next month is International Book Giving Day – on February 14, to be specific.

I first found out about it from Catherine Friess via Story Snug. She has a huge list of suggested ways you can take part here.

My family just donated picture books to an organization that supports the refugees located in our town last month, but since the kids are getting older, I went through all the books they no longer read (and mine too!). So this is what we're planning for International Book Giving Day:
  • Donating used English-language chapter books to a local school.
  • Giving a few used German-language books to our hairdresser – so kids have something to look at while they're forced to sit still.
  • Donating English and German books to a local dual-language pre-school.
  • I'm also going to give away some books for adults at work.
For more information, see the IBGD website, twitter account or facebook page.

What are you doing for International Book Giving Day? Feel free to share below, on twitter (hashtag #bookgivingday) or other social media sites, or blog about it yourself! The more people participate, the more books can be shared!


  1. Thank you for spreading the word about #bookgivingday Laura :)

    1. You're welcome! I love books, and I can't imagine anything better than sharing them.

  2. Great idea!! I'll have to check my book stash and see what I can let go of.

    1. Thanks Patti, I thought it was a great idea too. So glad I saw Catherine post about it. And a great opportunity to give some books a second chance. :-)